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Annual Workshop

Next Annual Workshop – EMEE 2022 at Yale University

As you may know, the annual EMEE workshop was initially to be held at Yale University in January 2021. Given the pandemic, we had previously decided to postpone it to January 2022. After discussions with the main organizer at Yale, Prof. Kenneth Gillingham, we have now decided to postpone the workshop till January 2023. We are very sorry about this, but the current situation doesn’t provide the necessary conditions to organize the workshop in January 2022.

After the success of this year’s summer online workshop, we are planning to offer it again next summer for PhD students, post-docs and assistant professors.

Looking forward to meeting you in the near future.

Previous International Workshops:

2021: no EMEE due to COVID-19
2020: Zurich, Switzerland, January 2020
2019: Québec City, Canada, July 2019
2018: Milan, Italy, June 2018
2017: Los Angeles, USA, June 2017
2016: Oviedo, Spain, July 2016
2015: Maryland, USA, July 2015
2014: Aachen, Germany, August 2014
2013: Ottawa, Canada, July 2013
2012: Berlin, Germany, June 2012
2011: Dallas, Texas, USA, July 2011
2010: Guildford, Surrey, U.K., June 2010
2009: Jasper, Alberta, Canada, August 2009
2008: Zurich, Switzerland, August 2008