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Empirical Methods in Energy Economics (EMEE) is an international scientific network of energy economists with the following aims:

    • to contribute to the development and applications of econometrics and other quantitative approaches in energy economics,
  • to encourage and improve communication between researchers and students in energy economics.

The EMEE network was founded in 2008 by Massimo Filippini, Lester C Hunt and David L Ryan with support from their respective research centres:

  • Centre for Energy Policy and Economics (CEPE), ETH Zurich, Switzerland;
  • Surrey Energy Economics Centre (SEEC), University of Surrey, U.K.; and
  • Canadian Building Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre (CBEEDAC), University of Alberta, Canada.

The EMEE network is an informal non-profit organization. The aims of the network are primarily achieved by organizing an annual workshop, which provides an opportunity for researchers in energy economics to meet, and to present and discuss scientific papers pertaining to empirical methods and applications in energy economics. This two-day workshop is typically held in a university setting to provide a stimulating scientific environment and an affordable price. Attendance at the workshop is limited to approximately 50 participants in order to encourage active involvement by all attendees. Within the workshop setting, approximately 14 contributed papers are presented in a main session (there are no parallel sessions), where each paper is allotted a presentation time of 30 minutes followed by a 15-minute discussion introduced by an assigned discussant. In addition, one or two other sessions are devoted to shorter poster presentations with no discussion. These and other posters are on display throughout the workshop, with an informal period specified for discussion of these with their authors.