Update 5.5.3

Dear users of the ETHZ blogs plattform.

After a long time with barely any updates on this page, I am happy to announce improvements to several of the underlying infrastructure elements powering blogs.ethz.ch

As you noticed, we now run the latest version of the WordPress multisite software. But even more important – the whole system has been transfered to a completely redesigned, stripped down and easily scaleable serverfarm running the latest RHEL major release. With this change, we could massively improve I/O performance. This redesign also allows us to quickly deploy new webservers in case ressources become scarce and install them fully automatically with the help of ansible. The Migration to RHEL8 also allows us to offer more up-to-date versions of packages like PHP.

We happily noticed a massive improvement of performance by this re-build for the blogs service and hope that you enjoy the new setup as much as we do! Step by step, we will also migrate all webinstances of the traditional Linux webhosting service into the new infrastructure.

Happy Blogging!
your ID Hosting Team.

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