Protosmia magnicapitis

The examination of the holotype female of Protosmia magnicapitis (Stanek, 1969) revealed that the species does not belong to the subgenus Protosmia as assumed by Griswold (1985). Instead, it is a member of the subgenus Nanosmia as shown by the densely punctate apical margin of tergum 1, the almost cylindrical antennal flagellum and the small size. Among Protosmia species of the subgenus Nanosmia, P. magnicapitis is well characterized by the coarse punctation of scutum, scutellum and terga and particularly by the shape of the mandible, which is parallel-sided in its apical half and bears two minute and weakly separated teeth immediately followed by a long and reddish apical tooth.

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