Osmia dimidiata assomatosana

Le Goff (2005) described a new subspecies of Osmia dimidiata Morawitz, 1870 based on specimens from Crete, i.d. O. d. assomatosana. According to the author, this subspecies is mainly characterized by the whitish rather than yellowish colour of the light hairs of the two-coloured metasomal scopa. The investigation of a large material of O. dimidiata from Mediterranean Europe and western Asia revealed that females with a white-black rather than yellow-black scopa are not restricted to Crete but also occur e.g. in Italy, Turkey or Israel. Thus, the subspecific rank of the Cretean population of O. dimidiata does not seem to be justified and consequently, O. d. assomatosana is synonymized here with O. dimidiata

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