Nesting biology of Osmia argyropyga

Osmia (Hemiosmia) argyropyga was reported to nest in old brood cells of Megachile (Chalicodoma) pyrenaica Lepeletier (Grandi, 1962), which was assumed to be erroneous in a recent publication (Müller, Zootaxa, 4778, 201-236, 2020) as such a behaviour strongly deviates from the nesting biology of the closely related and morphologically very similar species O. balearica and O. uncicornis. This assumption is now supported by observations made by David Genoud, who observed a female of O. argyropyga nesting in a self-excavated burrow in loose soil in southern France. The record of O. argyropyga from Emilia-Romagna (Italy) given by Grandi (1962) is thus most probably also erroneous.

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