A new Nearctic subgenus of Osmia

Based on a new molecular phylogeny of the bee genus Osmia with emphasis on North American Melanosmia, Rightmyer et al. (2013) erected a new Nearctic subgenus of Osmia, Hapsidosmia, for a single species formerly treated as a member of the subgenus Melanosmia. Furthermore, they synonymized the two Nearctic subgenera Mystacosmia and Acanthosmioides under Melanosmia. This study also clarified the phylogenetic relationships among the different subgenera of Osmia, e.g. Osmia (Erythrosmia) is newly supported as sister to Osmia (Tergosmia). In addition, a key is given for the identification of the eight Nearctic subgenera of Osmia.

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