Osmia (Erythrosmia)

A closer study of the four species of the subgenus Erythrosmia clarified their distribution.  i) Osmia sparsipuncta is confined to the Maghreb. ii) Osmia relicta exclusively occurs in Central Asia. iii) Osmia erythrogastra, which is a valid species based on the examination of the type material, occurs in Southern Europe, Turkey and the Near East. iv) Osmia andrenoides occurs in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe as well as in Turkey and the Near East; all literature records of Osmia andrenoides from Northern Africa are most probably erroneous and refer to Osmia sparsipuncta. v) Osmia erythrogastra and Osmia andrenoides are sympatric in Southern Europe, Turkey and the Near East and were in several cases even found to be syntopic.

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