Indian Students Association of Zurich (InSAZ)

MENTOR BUDDY initiative for new Students

MENTOR BUDDY – Help you, we will.

Dear “newcomers” of ETH/UZH Zurich for Fall Semester 2018,

Mentor Buddy is a mentorship program, designed especially for the newcomers who will start their studies at ETH/UZH in September. The Indian Students Association Zurich (InSAZ) and Samwad (a students’ discussion group in Zuirch) come together with the aim of facilitating a smooth transition for the incoming students. Please go through the plan described below and register as “mentees” if you feel that this program will be useful for you.

We are aware that newcomers, who come from different parts of India to attend ETH/UZH programs, face many obstacles in settling in Zurich. Through this program, the existing students, can help you settling in Zurich with least possible glitch in your life, or at least they will try :).

We, as organizers, will try to assign an existing student living in Zurich (mentor) to one or more newcomers (mentees). He/She can inform them about typical issues they may face, also the paperwork they have to do immediately and try to answer any questions they have. The mentor or some other available person may volunteer to pick the mentees from the airport and drop them at their respective hostels. We or the mentor shall inform you regarding this later.

So, if you are planning to arrive in Zurich soon and have already booked your flight, please feel free to register yourself as a newcomer by filling the following form –

Feel free to reach out to us in case of any clarifications or inconveniences at insaz.mentorship(AT) We will try our best to help you out.

Organizing Team

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