Incoming students

Are you a new student at in Zurich? Read below about our ‘Mentorship Program and Airport Pickup Initiative’.

Mentorship Program and Airport Pickup Initiative

We are aware that newcomers who come from different parts of India to attend ETH/UZH programs face many obstacles in settling in Zurich. Problems start right after landing at the airport. How to travel to the residence in Zurich, where to buy groceries (Indian / Swiss), how to proceed with registration for residence permit and other paperwork, etc. are the some of the most common questions you have. Through the mentorship program, the existing students can help you settling in Zurich with least possible glitch in your life.

We, the organizers, will try to assign an existing student living in Zurich (mentor) to one or more new-comers (mentees). We will try to assign the mentor from the same academic program as the mentee so that information related to coursework and projects can also be given. The mentor or some available person may volunteer to pick the mentees from the airport and drop them at their respective residence.

Read about the program’s origin and news

Looking for something?

We have created a guide for new students compiling everything from food and shopping to accommodation in Zurich. Other important links can be found in our documentation.