Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: These set of questions and answers are not the authoritative word (neither is any statement given on this forum as this is not an institute forum). The conditions/laws/regulations may change over time rendering the answers incorrect. As Zurich Calling has grown over time many topics discussed earlier have become obsolete/irrelevant/incorrect. This document is an attempt for new comers to refer to a single document which answers a lot of frequently asked questions which have the same answers. All the members are free to add questions and answers but please take a moment to reflect and ponder relevance of question, validity of answer before adding.

Q: What are my chances of admission?

A: No one can give this answer (at least no one in student forums like InSAZ or Zurich Calling). No matter what your grades, GRE/TOEFL score are we as existing students can’t give any answers. Even if an answer like high,low, medium is given practically would it really affect the decision to apply or not? It is a polite request to refrain from posing such questions on the forum. You might be interested to know what kind of research and what is the profile of people work here. For that ETH, each department, faculty, research groups and PhD students have web pages.

Q: What are my chances of getting job?

A. When we can’t give answer on chances of admission, please don’t expect answers on chance of getting a job.

Q: How to apply?

A. Please check ETH website for this. We can provide no further answers on admission procedure than what is given on the website. If you have problem understanding something given on the website you are welcome to ask questions.

Q: Delays in application decision

A: ETH is a pretty huge university with a lot of differences in policies/working/norms of each department. There is no single release date for application decisions and there will/might be a lot of variance in application decision release dates. So our advice to all prospective students is Wait n Watch.