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Firefox 57 (Quantum) in a corporate environment.

December 13th, 2017

When i first heard the intention of Mozilla, to abandon the XUL-extension-interface, i was shocked. How the hell should i deliver a satisfying user experience to our customers, without multi-language interface, Noscript, Adblock and custom configuration? In the meantime, FF57 has landed, the dust is blown away and our first in-house release of Firefox 57 […]

Enhance a Lenovo Thinkpad T440p with physical TrackPoint buttons

January 2nd, 2017

The Thinkpad T440p is a real nice device… if there wouldn’t be the missing physical mouse buttons when working with the trackpoint. Lenovo/Synaptics tried to sacrifice the buttons in favor of a bigger touchpad… and failed gloriously! Fortunately, they realized it (with the help of thousands of users…) pretty quick. The successor of the T440 […]

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ADMX Template and improved GPO-Extension for Firefox

September 20th, 2013

Hi folks, finally, i found the time to publish an piece of extra software, which we successfully used for years. The basic is the GPO for Firefox Extension from here: See also: However, since we use GPO’s for different Mozilla-products, we changed the keys, where the Policies are written in the registry. Computer context: […]

Version 1.1 of ADMX Template for Reader/Acrobat

March 13th, 2011

Here is Version 1.1 of the ADMX-Template to control important settings in Adobes Acrobat and Reader. Now with support for Acrobat/Reader X. New feature is the the control of the protected mode, which was introduced in Reader X.

ADMX Template for Adobe Reader/Acrobat

February 10th, 2010

Here is an newly created ADMX-Template for disabling the most dangerous security issues in Adobes Acrobat and Reader. With it, you can disable JavaScript globally for version 7-9 of the mentioned products. There is also an option to block JavaScript functions with an entry into the blacklist. It has been done in ADMX to make […]

Welcome to my blog space

June 27th, 2007

Hello, dear reader. Welcome to my blog. On this site, i will post different aspects of Windows deployment.