ADMX Template and improved GPO-Extension for Firefox

Hi folks,
finally, i found the time to publish an piece of extra software, which we successfully used for years.
The basic is the GPO for Firefox Extension from here:
See also:

However, since we use GPO’s for different Mozilla-products, we changed the keys, where the Policies are written in the registry.
Computer context:

User context:

Therefore, the paths in the ADMX-template point to this locations.

There are still a lot of preferences missing from the template. But it’s a start and adding new ones is not that hard.



  1. This does not work for me.

       Reply Posted 19.06.2015, 19:31

    • Hi Doug,
      what exactly is the Problem?

         Reply Posted 19.06.2015, 21:22

  2. can we deploy the plugins remotely? for e.g. we have multiple users and sites..redeployment of firefox for me is not a good option, i am thinking to make a startup installation of the add-on/plugin itself for it to collaborate with firefox.ty

       Reply Posted 22.03.2016, 11:33

    • Hi mike,
      of course you can do this.
      But a extension like this makes only sense, if it is globally installed. That means, it should go to:
      %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\browser\extensions
      In there, you have to rename the XPI to {350BE0BE-A6F1-4E7F-8F13-0FADE72374C6}.xpi (the internal name).
      You could deploy this extension alone, but the best way would be, to deploy your own customized version of FF.
      And (IMHO) GPOs only make sense in a corporate setup with an AD. Therefore, you should have some minimal deployment mechanism like AD deployment or WPKG.
      Good luck.

         Reply Posted 22.03.2016, 12:04

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