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Dez 05

POLAND AFTER NATURE The concept of „nature“ is inseparably linked to the process of industrialization. Industry tends to tranform the very ressources it exploits into sublime images, such as „nature“, „memory“, and „subjectivity“. The search for „nature“ is there- fore a journey both into the past and into the future. What will we discover in […]

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Mai 13

Symposium Thursday, 2. May 2013, Friday, 3. May 2013 HIL H Plaza 40.4, ETH Zurich Hönggerberg, Wolfgang-Pauli-Str. 15, 8003 Zurich Concept: Mechtild Widrich This public workshop was the first meeting of the international network Art and Architecture History Assembly, which was founded by scholars at ETH Zurich, MIT, and the University of Western Australia. The […]

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Apr 26

Ec(h)o-Logy: Greek Returns After centuries of idealization as the “origin” of the European culture, Greece has turned almost overnight into the emblem of Europe’s biggest fear: economic decline and political disintegration. Europe, caught in its own mirror-image, has dropped Greece like Narcissus, in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, rejected the water nymph Echo. But the repressed always returns […]

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Feb 28

Presence—One Internal and One Public Workshop Friday, February 1, and Saturday, February 2, 2013 Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, CH-8001 Zürich Idea and concept: Philip Ursprung, Mechtild Widrich Presence, signifying both immediacy and being someplace at a particular moment, is one of the most controversial terms in contemporary culture and politics. The visual arts and philosophy […]

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