Design Lab 1

Just a week after the official Kick-off, 13 students met again to take the next step in Student Innovedum, to develop student ideas for optimising learning spaces at ETH.

Moritz Gück shares reflections after participating last year

Moritz Gück shares reflections from last year

First, Moritz Gück, a participant from last year spoke about his experience and passed on a few important pieces of advice:

  1. Trust the system. Have confidence in the Design Thinking process and where it will lead you.
  2. Love your team. Diversity and teamwork are essential in a successful outcome.
  3. Fall in love with the problem, not the idea. You have to be willing to give up a great idea, if it’s not solving a real problem.

Next, the participants spent some time finding other people with similar ideas and then they formed small groups. Melanie Walter (LET) used LEGO Serious Play to help them think creatively and to build representations of their design challenges.


We finished up with a few stories that highlighted the importance of considering the human experience during the design process. A notorious example of this is the elevator problem.

(Adapted from Harvard Business Review: Are you solving the right problems?

Despite the late hour, enthusiasm was high and participants left with concrete plans for connecting with other students and teaching staff and testing their assumptions.

Now they have two weeks until the next event where they will be able to meet with a range of ETH experts who can provide valuable input to inform their project.

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I work with both the faculty development team and the innovation management team at the ETH unit for education development and technology. I support the professional development of faculty and help consider and implement innovative teaching practices. Part of my role includes supporting the users of the various technologies offered by LET, like Moodle.
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