2nd IBP PhD Congress | Eawag Dübendorf | Forum Chriesbach | Friday 17th of April 2009 Start: 8.30 a.m. | Program

8.00-8.30   Registration
8.30-8.40   Janet Hering Eawag Director –  Welcome speech
8.40-9.00   Simon-Lukas Rinderknecht Eawag Siam – Eliciting density ratio class priors
9.00-9.20   Anne Dietzel Eawag Siam – Effects of changing anthropogenic pressures on water quality and plankton dynamics in three Swiss lakes – Long-term simulations with the biogeochemical-ecological lake model BELAMO
9.20-9.40   Ilaria Stendardo ETH Environmental Physics – Long-term oxygen trends in the North Atlantic
9.40-10.00  Tonya Del Sontro Eawag Surf – Quantifying extreme methane emissions from a Swiss reservoir
10.00-11.00 Coffee break and poster session 1
11.00-12.00 EAWAG FRIDAY SEMINAR – Johan Rockström, Stockholm Environment Institute and Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden – Building water resilience in the face of Global Environmental Change: The need for a green-blue water paradigm
12.00-13.40 Lunch
13.40-14.00 Guido Bronner ETH Environmental Chemistry – Sorption of multifunctional and polar compounds (incl.pesticides) to peat and soils: Experimental findings and LFER-modeling
14.00-14.20 Michael Aeschbacher ETH Environmental Chemistry – Redox properties of humic substances: Electrochemical characterization
14.20-14.40 Michael Madlinger ETH Environmental Chemistry – Adsorption of transgenic Cry proteins to mineral and organic soil surfaces: Effects of soil composition and solution chemistry
14.40-15.50 Coffee break and poster session 2
15.50-16.10 Jakob Frommer ETH Soil Chemistry – Chromium in the environment: an X-ray absorption study
16.10-16.30 Irene Wittmer Eawag Utox – Biocide and pesticide inputs to surface waters
16.30-16.50 Claire Farnsworth Eawag W&T – A hydrous manganese oxide doped gel probe sampler for measuring in situ reductive dissolution rates
17.00       Apéro
18.00       Dinner

1 Jafet Andersson Eawag Siam – SWAT capable of simulating smallholder food production in the Thukela River Basin, South Africa
2 Tobias Bergmiller ETH Molecular Microbial Ecology – Replacement of conserved essential functions of E. coli
3 Robert Brankatschk Eawag Umik – Succession of bacterial nitrogen transformation processes in a glacier forefield
4 Dörte Carstens & Krista Köllner Eawag Surf – Degradation and transformation of lacustrine organic nitrogen compounds: microbiology and biogeochemistry
5 Rang Cho ETH Environmental Microbiology – Methane turnover in the rice root zone: A novel quantification concept
6 Olivier Eugster ETH Environmental Physics – Should the magnitude of water column denitrification be revised downward?
7 Claudine Hauri ETH Environmental Physics – Changes of the aragonite saturation horizon in eastern boundary upwelling systems
8 Anke Hofacker ETH Soil Chemistry – How does temperature affect colloidal trace metal release from a submerged riparian soil?
9 Susanne Kern Eawag Uchem – Identification of transformation products of organic contaminants in natural waters by computer-aided prediction and high-resolution mass spectrometry
10 Andreas Kretschmann Eawag Uchem – Time resolved effect model for Daphnia magna – Measurement and modeling of the toxicokinetic of Diazinon
11 Claudia Lorrai Eawag Surf – Aquatic eddy correlation
12 Danielle Madureira Eawag Utox – Strategy to analyze gene expression profiles in Hepa cells exposed to BaP as a prerequisite for a cell-wide understanding of BaP-cell interactions
13 Holger Nestler Eawag Utox – Profiling the proteome of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii exposed to herbicides
14 Judith Neuwöhner Eawag Utox – Physiological modes of action of fluoxetine and its human metabolites in algae
15 Nela Nikolic ETH Molecular Microbial Ecology – Phenotypic variation of genetically identical bacteria growing in various sugars
16 Simone Peter Eawag Surf – Restoration of riverine floodplains: Effect of increased environmental heterogeneity on transformations of organic matter and nutrients
17 Flavio Piccapietra Eawag Utox – Physicochemical characterization of silver nanoparticles: effect of pH and ionic strength on aggregation
18 Maaike Ramseier Eawag W&T – Formation of assimilable organic carbon by different oxidants
19 Christian Scheidegger Eawag Utox – Chracterization of metal-phytochelatin complexes induced by lead in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
20 Yvonne Scheidegger Eawag W&T – Air and water inclusions in stalagmites as new climate proxies
21 Marita Skarpeli-Liati ETH Environmental Chemistry – Nitrogen isotope fractionation during the oxidation of substituted anilines at manganese oxide surfaces
22 Friedhelm Steinhilber Eawag Surf – Reconstruction of solar activity during the Holocene
23 Kay Steinkamp ETH Environmental Physics – Oceanic constraints on terrestrial carbon fluxes
24 Tobias Vogt Eawag W&T – Investigation of bank filtration in gravel and sand aquifers using time-series analysis
25 Jannis Wenk Eawag W&T – Inhibition of triplet-induced oxidation reactions by different types of dissolved organic matter
26 Roland Zurbrügg Eawag Surf – Exploring dam impacts on tropical floodplain biogeochemistry

Note: Talks will be held in the room Forum Chriesbach C20
Registration, coffee breaks, poster sessions and lunch will take place on the ground floor (Forum Chriesbach, B-floor)
Apéro and dinner will be served at aqa (Forum Chriesbach, A-floor)