Ten Golden Rules for Networking

You make the biggest mistake if you think you should find the person which is the upper most useful for you yourself. Thus number one: have in mind to find out to which person you are most useful. Anyway, I will present the Ten Golden Rules the other way around:

10 There are no such rules.
09 Try to use some of the rules 01-09.
08 Networking is like playing billiard where you experience unimagined long range effects by an incredible indirect shot.
07 Try to take experience from your private life (cum grano salis) into your networking action field.
06 Do not tolerate intolerance.
05 Be authentic.
04 Do not play to much with emotions.
03 Seek to see the win-win situations.
02 Think, speak and act positive.
01 Be kind and try to help the other as much as you can.