School in a mesh wire fence

When I was in Montréal I discovered a French School – a so called “Collège Français”. It was not very seen that I take pictures. However I could shoot at least one shot before I was sent away. And still the main subject on the picture makes the mesh wire fence. Somehow I think it is quite sad, that kids (in uniforms) are put in mesh wire fences… Furthermore, mesh wire fences cause in any case a huge amount of problems… see once more the famous Maschendrahtzaun on Youtube.

School in a mesh wire fence in Montréal

School in a mesh wire fence in Montréal

The Red Chair

Sometimes a picture tells more than 1000 words. Sometimes 1000 words may help to tell more about a picture. This is obviously the case for that “Red Chair Picture” shown aside. Unfortunately, the real true story was lost. Please help to reconstruct the nearly surely crazy life of the Red Chair. Hints which are useful to learn more (or even everything – who knows?) about the Red Chair are welcomed posts below. I’am just impressed about the entire appearance of his Red Majesty and wonder what people may know about it. Thanks.

words 1000 picture

Word = Picture / 1000

1 Mai 2010 | Tag der Arbeit | Verlieren wir die Beherrschung.

«Der Sozialismus wird die Welt befreien!» So. «Schrott!», «naiv!», «das Letzte!», «verfänglich!» und «verantwortungslos!». Zusammengefasst: Aufs Festverbot pfeiffen. Genau.