Find the Wrong Mistake.

Vor ein paar Jahren musste ich eine Klasse prüfen – als Stellvertreter. Und das ging so richtig schief. So schief, dass es für sich schon fast wieder gerade steht. Anyway, Mathematik ist eine experimentelle Wissenschaft, deren Experimente psychologischer Natur sind. Überzeuge Dich selbst. Es hagelte Mathegekritzel , dass es Dich umhaut . Hier die Bilder mit Comment aus dem Facebook. (Übrigens: Der Notendurchschnitt wurde  “leicht” künstlich angehoben, dass er bei der genügenden Note zu liegen kam.)

Fehlerrechnung: Das Kalül mit der Ungenauigkeit.

Kommentare aus dem Facebook dazu:

im no genious,
but the picture doesnt have ANY math in it..
well, im sorry but i didnt understand a single thing you just said. :)
kalkül i think means calculus
Haha Vicky you’re right. This is fuckin stupid. If that picture was suppose to be funny… well it wasnt ! XD ♥
is there anything funny in here?
Alyssa Gehrlein
german calculus, its not funny but it is mathh
If this is math, then maybe I really am retarded.

Nicht kein Fehler im Ersten Satz.

Haha!! XD Yea seriously. Shut up!
HOLY CRAP, ng foo keong, shut up every picture there’s some stupid comment.

Keine Ahnung

Ladies and gentlemen, for this piece, even the best scholars have no idea what the author’s original intention was. That’s why they called this “The Doe with Eyes Plucked out” as photography’s answer to Beethoven’s “Unfinished Symphony” for music.
Keine Ahnung!!! so sehen meine tests aus
ich glaube, dass ich Ihnen helfen kann:-Doe = die Hinde = deer (female)Eyes Plucked out… Read more = die Augen ausgepflückt = no eye Doe + with Eyes Plucked out = no-eye dear = no idea = keine Ahnung !!!
say WHAT?
^ It means I have no idea XPLol XPP
Antwort: Dass deine kalkulator screwed up ist
What the hell does any of these pictures have to do with math?
ummm and this is math how!!?!?!?

Looking at it from a tilted angle

Ng Foo Keong Looking at it from a tilted angel.

Not for people who think maths is art

Ellie Xo
wow ur offensive… y would u join a group if ur so good at math … this is a group for people who hate math and arent good at it … not for people who think its an art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is

is this in german ?
Alyssa Gehrlein
-_- stupid german math it’s sooooo confusing
german is a hard language as it is…why d’ya go mix it up with math!?!


Ng Foo Keong, stfu ur asian, that automatically means your good at math
:O lmao omg your so nice
well its true its unfair im failing math and the asians get an A cause there asian
yeah good point well i failed my math too i have 2 maths to take next year:@ argh i frickin hate it
is this in german ?
Alyssa Gehrlein
-_- stupid german math it’s sooooo confusing
german is a hard language as it is…why d’ya go mix it up with math!?!


Ng Foo KeongNever heard of “the 4 year itch”? Listened to too many Fairy Tales ending with “…. happily ever after”?



uh.. we dont care
…………..which laguage is thing again?

Deep Blue

You are looking at the computer code of Deep Blue in deep thought.
Why are you commenting on every single pic?
Ng Foo KeongI have a dream that I am the tour guide of the Museum.
Wow Ng foo Keong. Do you have a life??
i dont think he does megan
HAHAHAHA HES SO FUNNY! wow. i can’t tell if he was being serious when he said he has a dream bout being a museum tour guide
geez ng foo keong…shut the fuck up! y dont u just join the ‘i want to be a tour guide’ club and get the hell out of this one!

Einstein's Theory

Ahah! Suddenly the student remembered Einstein’s Theory – that time is relative. So he had to redo all the calculations again.Life’s tough. :-( Then you die. :-/“` … Read more In between, you have to do math …
Ng Foo Keong It was just a joke. :-)

± 2 Years

Ng Foo Keong assuming interest rates remain as they are, stock markets do not crash, no sub-prime mortgage crisis, no crazy traders making big holes in banks’ finances, no oil crisis, no terrorist dangers, …, yeah sure in 10 years’ time you get your guaranteed profit.

lol, that’s what i do for my work, just scribble on it

The Epitome of Frustration

Ng Foo Keong(some background music please) Pictures at an Exhibition. Now this one is called “The Epitome of Frustration” …



do they give you a real monoclinic crystal for you to analyse, or it’s all just theory?
um is that even math ?!

Nonsense is abstract art

Navi Johal
what is this nonsense
it’s abstract art!
you suck at art.


Ng Foo Keong This one is called “the Mighty Minute Hand”. It is useful when doubled up as an arrow, when you need to point at something. … Read more This piece is going for US$5 000 000. But after the artist dies, it will appreciate to at least US$5 000 000 000 000. Any takers? Ah that gentleman over there, US$6 000 000 … Yes? US$7 000 000 that lady in red, … do I see an US$8 000 000? Going once … Going twice … US$8 500 000 … Anybody for US$9 000 000? …

wow. you name your math work..

1 or 4


Absoluter Fehler

The fuck ?! SHut up

The Arrow

…Cingular, More Bars in More Places.
Is this even math?
i do math in pen to piss my teachers off. i hate pencil and math is stupid
hahah do math in pen :P nice one


Ng Foo Keong The error term seems to be more precise than the precise term …

are u gonna comment on every pic trying to look cool, but everyone thinks ur a fag


Ng Foo Keong! could u not comment on EVERY PIC!

An Angle

i take it your sport is math….

Mathematics is a Sometimes a Difficult Language

Ng Foo Keong It’s very difficultish to understand if you mix languages.

Wtf Ng Foo are you gonna comment on every picture
i think it means… tres hard or tres difficult (tres means very) very hard or very difficult

Just do not forget to close the (

Foo Koeng […]

no he’s just a really big fag
LOL. I just joined this group to say that this guy is a fucking nerd! Fuck your shit :)

Min and Max

uliane E Mills

Ablum: “Find the wrong mistake”??? ummm…ya..wuteva
lol would that mean find the right anwser?? :P lol
Bahahaaa. Boo hoo This is gay!
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