Refresh Teaching special – Classroom technology’s open meeting

Find out how classroom technology at ETH can support your teaching

In this special Refresh Teaching Special Event you are invited to come physically to the lecture hall ML D 28 to learn more about the classroom technology available. Alternatively, you can join remotely. Starting 12:15, we will hear from several faculty members how they use tablets, document cameras, live streaming, recordings, the EduApp, and other classroom technologies available at ETH – and how it supports their teaching and the interaction with students. This will be a unique opportunity to get up and close with experts and colleagues to discuss different scenarios. After the hour-long input phase, you are invited to stay or join for informal consultation with educational developers and staff from ITS MMS. And – of course – play with the technology.

Time: Thursday, September 2nd, 2021, 12:15-14:00
Location F2F: ETH Zentrum, ML D28
Live Streaming:
Questions from the remote audience: Remote participants are asked to go to, enter the access key 4134 7597 and post their questions during the 10 min. presentations.


  • Katja Köhler (D-BIOL), «Interactions with students via EduApp, Mentimenter & Co.», Katja Köhler directs the D-BIOL Center for Active Learning (CAL) and teaches in a large first semester introductory course for Medical and Health Science students. This course is run in a flipped classroom format. Katja will share how she uses tools such as Mentimeter or EduApp and other activating techniques to foster student interactions in large classrooms.
  • Gerd Kortemeyer (LET), «Document camera in teaching and learning», Gerd Kortemeyer is Director of Educational Development and Technology. He will present on experiences, tips and tricks using a document camera in a large-enrollment introductory physics course at Michigan State University, including how to use it for lecturing and showing small experiments.
  • Prof. Ralf Hiptmair (D-MATH), «Tablet Teaching: Five Years On», Prof. Hiptmair is regularly teaching large undergraduate service courses in computational mathematics. For more than five years he has been using his Linux laptop in combination with stationary A3-size tablets (now installed in big lecture halls). In his presentation he will demonstrate how he uses this technology during lectures and share with us some lessons learned.

Covid Safety Concept

Visitors on site in ML D28 (200 people allowed) are asked to wear masks and keep their distance. 

Recording of the event

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Questions from the audience

Question: Which hard- and software is used for the presented tablet teaching?
Answer: Hardware: Lenovo “Think Pad” Yoga X1 Laptop, Software: Xournal++ (-> Github, selbst kompiliert und installiert)

Question: What kind of adapters and software he is using to hook up is iPad to the lecture hall?
Answer: Tablet is connected via HDMI table for the video signal and and USB cable for the pen. The tablet is a “dumb” input output device seen by the computer as an external monitor and a mouse.

Question: Is the paid version of mentimeter available for ETH lecturers or did Katja Köhler buy the extra features herself?
Answer: Mentimeter offers a free version that allows to make 2 question slides per code (and additional 3 Quiz slides). If you need more, you can simply create a new code, and students would switch the code within the lecture. Many features are possible with the free version, including all I showed today. I purchased a basic account for myself which, for educators, is 6.99 USD/Month, and allows unlimited questions per code. ETH does not have a Mentimeter campus licence YET 🙂