The communitiy’s teaching highlights 2020 – looking back, looking ahead!

In the 2020 wrap-up event, we would like to celebrate teaching highlights from ETH faculty. We will hear the stories from multiple recurrent as well as new Refresh Teaching presenters about what went well and why. A great opportunity to look back and celebrate good teaching but also take a sneak peek forward and share ideas within the Refresh Teaching community.What’s YOUR teaching highlight? Share your personal teaching highlight with the Refresh Teaching community before Thursdays event on the following padlet:

Zoom Meeting room:

Time: Thursday December 17th , 12:15-13:15


  • Dr. Anouk N’Guyen is a lecturer and teaching coordinator at D-USYS where she leads the project “Data Science @ D-USYS”. This initiative resulted in the new lecture “Environmental Systems Data Science”. Despite current circumstances, an enthusiastic teaching team was able to successfully create a new course within only a few months.
  • Marlene Mader works at the TdLab at D-USYS and is part of the teaching team for the course “Tackling Environmental Problems” (UPL). UPL is a one-year course for about 150 first-semester Bachelor students, where students learn how to analyse and identify sustainability problems of a Swiss region and how to develop measures to address them in interaction with stakeholders.
  • Manuel Zeyen is teaching at ETH as a PhD student since 2017. There he supervises alternately exercise classes (ca.20-30 students) in “Physics for physicists and mathematicians” and “Physics for physicians”. Before Corona, this meant teaching in a classroom similar to school and correcting realtively large “series” (problem sheets that students have to solve weekly at home). With Corona, he switched to Zoom online teaching with tandem teaching.
  • Prof. Peter Chen is Professor of Physical-​Organic Chemistry at D-CHAB. He has implemented a PiP (Professor-in-Picture) video overlay technology which gives a close simulation of in-person teaching using Zoom, combined with open-source and freeware audio/video programs.
  • Dr. Rafael Libanori teaches several courses at the D-MATL, several in teaching teams and will share his personal learnings about student feedback.


Link to the Zoom Recording

Chat protocoll

Von Julia Kehl :
Von Anouk N’Guyen : It’s free for up to 25 users
Von Beatrice Krause : How much für 125 users?
Von Thomas Korner : could you share a link to the tool?
Von Anouk N’Guyen :
Von Christian Sailer- Webcam : a similar tool is
Von Anouk N’Guyen : Another tool:
Von Marlene Mader : @Beatrice: we pay around 3000 dollar (with a very special discount, which you need to negotiate) for 250 people until beginning of June. You pay per person per day.
Von Beatrice Krause : @Marlene: Thanks. Was there a problem with the privacy data?
Von Erik Jentges : Many students find excellent lectures online, on youtube etc. But as Peter Chain rightly said: it is about teaching presence, building relations, building community.
Von Beatrice Krause : @Peter Chen: Your presentation tool is great. It is the second time I saw it. How is the Name of it?
Von Erik Jentges : if OBS, an excellent open source tool, is too tricky, an interesting new plugin for zoom is (currently only for mac) – and with its premium features free for educators in the first year
Von Thomas Korner : I’ve testet mmhmm last week and it looks promising.
Von Beatrice Krause : @erik: Oh pity only mac. ;.( Thanks! Hope it develope it for pc, too.
Von Thomas Korner : they are on the road to Windows as well: „Mmhmm for Windows is in private beta.“
Von Adrian Gilli : In Zoom there you can show your ppt as a background: go to share screen -> Erweitert -> Powerpoint als virtual Hintergrund.
Von Peter Chen : Yes, that works, but you have only a flat stack of slides, no annotation, no videos, and only Powerpoint. My goal was to be able to show any program on the monitor, which means videos and active simulations.
Von Peter Chen : For the question on the software, I am using OBS. We have written a guide on configuration, becasue it is indeed a very comprehensive package. I did look at mmhmm, but it works only on Macs and it is still in beta. OBS is more flexible, as far as I can tell, and it is open source.
Von Peter Chen : I just uploaded a sample Zoom video with different programs running through OBS.
Von Pascal Schmidt : In this last Event the information of Prof Chen is available:
Von Marlene Mader : thanks a lot
Von Beatrice Krause : @Peter Chen: Thank you very much
Von Pascal Schmidt : Padlet again, please insert your story:
Von Peter Chen : here is the setup guide for OBS/Zoom