Hybrid teaching (online event)

Hybrid teaching – connecting two worlds (online event)

Teaching in times of the corona pandemic can be challenging. In this Refresh Teaching event we will hear from several ETH faculty how they stay connected with their students in different hybrid scenarios, where part of the students are in the lecture hall or seminar room and the others are connected virtually. The Refresh Teaching event itself will take place in a hybrid format. One part will be held in the ETH main building and the remainder will take place in Zoom.


Please note: Upgrade to Zoom 5.3 recommended

After the input of the lecturers we will discuss in Zoom breakout rooms. Please upgrade your Zoom client to the latest version 5.3. With this version the host can now create breakout rooms with the option for participants to self-select which breakout room they would like to join. If enabled, participants can move freely between breakout rooms, without needing the host’s help. Both the meeting host and participants need to be on Client 5.3.0 or later to self-select Breakout Rooms.


Zoom-Recording of the event


Chat protocoll

Von RW: Urs, the sound quality is getting poor when you get away from the mic
Von TG: We allow 80 students to attend the hybrid lecture in person, about 60 show up. About 220 participate via Zoom, an unknown number watches the live stream. The Zoom recordings are watched about 50 times, don’t know by whom. Total enrolment is 594, but in the past about 300 came to the lectures
Von BK: Is it possible to et this presentation? It is really interessting
AN: Can you please repeat which colour means what form of lecturing?
Von RW: Am I the only one who finds the audio difficult to follow (a “wobbly”, unstable sound, with mini-breakups)?
Von BK: Unlucky I have the same problems with the sound
Von JK: I agree, it’s difficult to follow
Von OS: Urs, du müsstest muten bitte.
Von BK: Do someone use in the course tools like padlet, miro or others to involve in hyprid teaching the students who are online?
BK: How do you use slack in the course, Ulrike?
Von OS: Try this one: https://de.rode.com/microphones/lavaliergo
Von GS: thanks olaf. we are using the same!
Von OS: You can get the adapter.
Von OS: For some Apple systems.
Von GS: yes, you need adapters, but the. it works very well
Von AN: Do you have any ideas about the reasons why student prefer to attend from home instead of in presence? (Of course I can think of being in quarantine or avoiding the commute, but I mean more from a perspective of preference.)
Von OS: https://www.forbes.com/sites/marksparrow/2020/08/07/why-do-we-suffer-from-zoom-fatigue-its-all-about-the-sound/#2621f3874d87
Von AN: No, I meant for reasons to NOT come to class 🙂
Von TG: One big plus from online is that you can watch at 2x speed. That helps, e.g., repeating students to see if there are any major changes
Von AN: I have a question regarding the rooms that are automatically recorded.
Von AN: Are the streams live or with a slight delay?
Von OS: https://ethz.ch/services/en/it-services/catalogue/multimedia/video-conference/zoom/zoom_KIT_HS_2020.html
Von AN: Urs, I liked the set-up you used on Friday in the UK with the mic on the stick.