Diversity and Inclusion

Part of our culture of teaching and learning

Diversity and inclusion are part of our culture of teaching and learning at ETH. In this event, we introduce current approaches by ETH faculty and students, which are directed at creating an inclusive learning environment. This is the first time that diversity and inclusion are topics at a Refresh Teaching event. Further discussion on these themes will continue within Refresh Teaching.

You will hear about an approach to inclusive teaching in D-ARCH (M. Delbeke), a peer mentoring programme for first year female students in D-PHYS (V. Vogler) and approaches to inclusive learning environments in D-MATH (A. Iozzi).

Zoom Meeting room: https://ethz.zoom.us/j/577441230

Time: Thursday January 28th 2021 , 12:15-13:15


  • Prof. Maarten Delbeke is a professor in the History and Theory of Architecture at D-ARCH and Director of Studies. His research and teaching focusses on European architectural history of the period 1500-1850. His contribution will discuss the challenges of integrating diversity and gender in courses dedicated to canonical subject matter, especially on an introductory level.
  • Viola Vogler-Neuling is a doctoral student in D-PHYS and a teaching assistant for Mathematics and Physics courses since 2012. She is a member of the group founded by D-PHYS, the NCCR’s MUST and QSIT, in 2018, to improve the learning environment for students in the first year of studies. She is an organizer, and initiator, of the peer mentoring programme for female students. She will share how the mentoring programme was set up and present the activities in the programme.
  • Prof Alessandra Iozzi is a Professor at D-MATH, where she teaches courses both in the D-MATH at all levels and in many engineering departments.  She will describe diversity issues in D-MATH, try to identify some of the causes and possible approaches to finding solutions.

Recording of the event

Recording of the Zoom-event