Oral exams – making them valid and fair

Oral exams enable evaluating student competencies that are difficult or impossible to assess in other ways. Students have the opportunity to engage in an expert discussion and need to develop, explain and defend their thoughts and ideas in real-time. However, oral exams also pose unique challenges. How can we let unique and authentic expert discussions unfold while maintaining reasonable standards of objectivity in evaluating and comparing students’ performances? How can we assess students fairly while keeping our conscious or subconscious biases towards unusually dressed, nervous yet competent, or articulate yet incompetent candidates in check? In this Refresh Teaching, our presenters will share their practical experiences and solutions to such issues and we will discuss simple good practice recommendations for addressing them effectively. 

Zoom Meeting room: https://ethz.zoom.us/j/577441230

Time: Thursday June 3rd 2021 , 12:15-13:15




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