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Competence-based examinations

Date and time: December 6th, 12:15 – 13:15

Location: ETH Zentrum, HG E 41

Competence-based examinations – Designing meaningful and motivating examinations

Competence-based examinations emphasize the importance of assessing more than just the correct reproduction of knowledge and application of procedures. Instead they propose giving students challenging and complex tasks that reflect the academic or ‘real-life’ situations, problems, and challenges the respective courses intend to prepare them for. On the one hand this can facilitate a much more realistic assessment of students’ skills. On the other, it provides a strong incentive for students to forgo mere memorization as preparation for the examination, and instead apply themselves to practice, consolidate, and transfer what they have learnt into actual skills, and develop a deeper understanding of the courses content.

In this Refresh Teaching event we will present two examples from ETH examination practice where competence-based examination designs have been implemented. Prof. Angelika Steger and Dr. Michael Hoffmann will present an interactive computer-based examination on algorithm design for first year Master’s students. Dominik Bilgeri and Johannes Hübner from the chair of Prof. Elgar Fleisch will present an examination where students demonstrate what they have learnt by creating short videos that explain the digital business model of a selected company.


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