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Misconceptions – Identifying misconceptions and using them in education

March 25, 12:15 – 13:15, HIT E 51

Misconceptions are widespread and often exist even before a theme is addressed by a university. They are relatively resistant to traditional didactical intervention. Simply transmitting the right information has no or very little effect in correcting false views of facts or correlations.

Selected intervention, however, can work to correct misconceptions. One possibility is to systematically record, categorise and reflect upon observed misconceptions. The idea is then to deploy the knowledge gained in a very focused manner in teaching and coaching. Here a sophisticated procedure is required, because at first glance misconceptions can look like careless mistakes. In this session ETH’s efforts in this direction will be presented and discussed.

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      • Antonia Bonaccorso, Educational Development and Technology (LET)
      • Pascal Schmidt, Educational Development and Technology (LET)

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