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Implementing flipped classrooms

Date and time: February 23rd, 12:15 – 13:15

Location: ETH Zentrum, HG E41

Implementing flipped classrooms – Options for practical implementation

In the flipped classroom, actual knowledge transfer takes place during independent study phases and class time is used for discussion, critical reflection, applied exercises and competence development via teamwork and presentations.

This is the second event on this topic (see the link below for documentation on the first event). This time we will focus on concrete ways to deploy the flipped classroom in your teaching. Experienced ETH colleagues Dr. Katja Köhler, Prof. Ulrike Lohmann, Dr. Amewu Mensah and Dr. Lukas Fässler will be present to provide input.
The event itself will be held in flipped classroom format. We therefore ask you to read the enclosed brief project descriptions by the presenters (5-10 min.) before the event: 
– Dr. Katja Köhler, Prof. Ernst Hafen: Flipped lecture “Biology IA”
– Prof. Ulrike Lohmann, Dr. Amewu Mensah: Example of hybrid mode (classroom and flipped) lecture “Atmosphärenphysik”
Flipped Classroom_PREP_KK_UL_AAM (4)
– Dr. Lukas Fässler: “E.Tutorial” https://et.ethz.ch/en

Summary of the event: Group discussions & take home messages.

Optionally, you may also wish to read a brief summary of the flipped classroom concept in our blog article.

We also cordially invite you to join us after the event for lunch in the course room, where you can exchange ideas with others.

Documentation on the first flipped classroom event, 14 April 2015:

Useful ETH documents & tools for flipped classrooms: