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Videos in Teaching

Videos in Teaching – How can we best exploit the great potential of teaching videos?

May 21, 12:15 – 13:15, HPF G 6

Videos are omnipresent and are a very useful way to make teaching more attractive and effective. They present more information than do mere image and audio. Progressions or movement and interaction sequences etc. (e.g., how ice clouds build up) are easier to portray. Because the video medium is close to reality and so vivid, it can transmit decisive experiences indirectly where a direct approach is not possible.

Creating teaching videos requires more effort than creating other media, and thus only the most suitable areas should be selected for their deployment. For maximum effect videos should relate closely to the student environment and focus on selected learning objectives. In this session successful examples will be presented, along with checklists and tools for efficient project workflow involving a justifiable amount of effort.

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  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmitt; Department of Architecture
  • Prof. Dr. Leonardo Degiorgi; Laboratory for Solid State Physics
  • Dr. Lukas Meier & Dr. Markus Kalisch; Seminar for Statistics (D-MATH)

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