Increasing student-directed learning

Date and time: November 10th, 12:15 – 13:15

Location: ETH Hönggerberg, Student project house, HPZ F-Floor

Increasing student-directed learning – Helping students take responsibility for their learning

Student-directed (or Student-centered learning) learning encompasses methods of teaching that shift the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student. Students have to become autonomous and independent learners and have to take the responsibility for their own learning. The instruction should focus on skills and practices that enable lifelong learning and independent problem-solving. This is important in a world and a future work reality, where students have to learn to adapt quickly and have to think critically about their role in our society.

Student-directed learning is very similar to scientific learning and fosters transferable, reflective thinking skills. At ETH Zurich several current projects are addressing the student-directed learning process; this session presents two of them.

Dr. Daniella Laureiro from TIM Group will present the project ‘Innovation leadership in the building industry’ that created and implemented the course Innovation Leadership. This course combines different innovative teaching methodologies (self-reflection, real-world problem solving, coaching sessions) to enrich students’ critical thinking process, and to promote more innovation in the building industry. The most innovative aspects of this course are threefold. First, the students integrate and implement, in real time, notions and concepts learnt in this and other courses, to solve real problems identified by the partner company. Second, the students are the ‘project owners’ and take full responsibility for advancing the learning of the team and the class in order to develop a solution that is presented to the top management of the partner company. Third, the faculty facilitates the learning processes offering various formats to guide the students to achieve their own objectives for the course, and ultimately to empower their leadership skills.

Daniel Köchli from Student Services (sts) at ETH offers consultations and coaching to students from D-BIOL, D-MATH, D-PHYS, D-BSSE. His project ‘Erfolgreich und effizient lernen im Biologie-Studium’ helps students organize their learning habits. Students are introduced to different learning strategies and are encouraged to try out new ways of learning. They are also encouraged to learn from each other and share their experiences and problem solving strategies. Reflection about the learning process is part of the seminar.


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