November 5, 12:15 – 13:15, HG D18.1

Providing feedback on students’ performance is at the top of the list of factors which enhance students’ motivation and achievement. Feedback enhances students’ motivation to continuously engage in learning by communicating

  • (a) what they are (not) understanding;
  • (b) in which areas they are doing well or not so well; and
  • (c) how they can progress (Ambrose et al., 2012).

Providing feedback on students’ learning inside the classroom is an opportunity to actively engage students and to involve them in sharing the responsibility for learning and achievement. On top of this, giving feedback also allows instructors to gain insights into students’ current learning processes and to shape teaching accordingly.

The November Refresh Teaching event highlights two examples of integrating feedback into teaching at ETH. ETH faculty describe how feedback has become part of teaching and learning in their classrooms, illustrate the effects they experienced from using feedback, and discuss what feedback has revealed for them about student learning.

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Presentations, Documents and Links:


  • Pia Scherrer, Educational Development and Technology (LET)


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