Case Studies

September 21, 12:15 – 13:15, HIT E 51

Students learn best when they are active during the learning process and when they can see the direct application and relevance of what they are learning. Case studies are tools for transferring knowledge into practice that can help to achieve these goals in groups as well as individually. By providing examples of situations that students are likely to face upon completion of their studies, students show greater motivation to solve problems and learning is made more memorable. Case studies should show realistic situations and illustrate the application of key concepts.

There are a range of ways that case studies can be constructed and implemented in the learning environment. In this Refresh Teaching event you will hear some examples of how case studies have been successfully implemented and any lessons learned along the way.

The presenters are:

  • Mr. Florian Knaus, a lecturer at the Department of Environmental Systems Science who has implemented a case study within the Msc course Ecological Assessment and Evaluation using actual data from the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Entlebuch.
  • Mr. Timon Heinis and Mr. Stephan Fox who are both lecturers at the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering. Together they will share two examples of case studies, both which provide students the opportunity to design and test actual solutions to real-world scenarios.
  • Dr. Jost Hamschmidt who teaches within the Department of Management, Technology and Economics. His presentation will discuss the various ways that case studies are used to ensure the students’ learning is relevant for their later working life.

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