Teaching with tech

Date and time: February 26th 2019, 12:15 – 13:15

Location: ETH Zentrum, HG D18.1

Teaching with tech: The transformative potential of technology in teaching

The deployment of digital media and modern technology can enrich university teaching in many ways. Here the possibilities are becoming ever more expedient and goal-oriented. They now range far beyond the pure use of computer applications, and enable diverse scenarios which would not be possible without technology.

This event offers a practice-oriented glimpse of the possibilities of technology-supported teaching, based on examples. Among those presented are the EduApp, and the interactive touchpad (which replaces the blackboard). The experiences of users are then discussed.

Dr. Andreas Steiger (D-MATH) explains how large service courses which were traditionally taught at the blackboard can be enhanced with technology, having two goals in mind: Using classroom time more efficiently, and generating more and better feedback for the students and the lecturer. Best practices and lessons learned will be shared and discussed.

Dr. Nina Geilinger will explore the benefits and challenges of using peer-feedback exercises in the classroom to help students assess the work of their classmates. She will share her experience with the Moodle integration Peergrade, a peer assessment tool she uses in the course Management Research.