Starting on the right foot

Date and time: March 27th 2019, 12:15 – 13:15

Location: ETH Hönggerberg, HIT E51 (Siemens Auditorium)

Starting on the right foot: Building a productive and respectful learning atmosphere

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching is when a reciprocal relationship between the lecturer and students is developed. This becomes apparent in dynamic exchange, students feeling comfortable to ask questions, and in a relaxed atmosphere. In order to increase the likelihood that such an environment is developed there is much that lecturers can do, especially in the first ten minutes of class. Techniques include creating a strong first impression, communicating expectations and responding positively to student’s questions. In this Refresh Teaching event we discuss various way how lecturers can successfully set a positive tone early on with long term benefits for student learning.

Dr. Angela Küng-Krähenmann from the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dr. Daniel Hall from the Institute of Construction and Infrastruction Management will be the presenters for this event.