Refresh Teaching Special: Conversations with EdTech startups

Date and time: September 4th 2019, 11:00 – 13:00

Location: ETH Zentrum, HG F26.5

In this special Refresh Teaching session, the four international educational technology (EdTech) startups listed below will present their approaches and invite you to join a discussion on how their technologies might impact higher education. The idea is to inspire stakeholders, faculty members, startups and educational developers to reflect on the opportunities that EdTech represents in their case and how it can enhance the learning environment at ETH. For those interested in addressing the Startup’s EdTech in their own teaching, support for pilot projects will be offered.

  • Area9 runs an adaptive learning platform and services which customise digital learning curricula and data at scale. Its learning algorithms aim to decrease unconscious incompetence and to improve knowledge acquisition, retention and time expenditure. Area9 has powered the learning of over 20m students in over 2,000 products. It is based in Copenhagen and Boston, and has DACH offices in Leipzig, Germany.
  • Seppo is a tool for creating education games which blend physical learning environments with digital learning. Using Seppo teachers can create a game from scratch using a map, and add exercises. Teachers can also adapt a game from Seppo’s content library, which provides games from a global teachers’ network. Seppo games are built and used by companies, universities, schools and NGOs in more than 15 countries and by 500k users. Seppo is based in Helsinki.
  • Easy Correct provides a plug-in tool and platform for managing the teacher feedback flow regarding written assignments and student evaluation of feedback. Teachers can easily prioritise feedback for students, and students can evaluate the teacher’s feedback. Easy Correct is widely used in the Scandinavian education system. It is based in Copenhagen.
  • Taskbase makes it possible to use existing digital learning solutions to provide personalised, adaptive feedback ranging from complex exercises to contextual analysis. Taskbase develops easy-to-integrate modules, APIs, for customised technological integration at schools, universities, e-learning providers, companies, and educational publishers in Switzerland. Taskbase is based in Zurich and is an ETH Zurich spin-off.

All four of these startups are part of the Kickstart Accelerator 2019 program, where ETH is a partner. They were selected to come to ETH for this event because of their strong connections with higher education.

Videos of the Pitches