Date and time: April 19 2018, 12:15 – 13:15

Location: ETH Zentrum, HG D18.1

Digitisation: Adding value for teaching and learning

We all experience the continuous digitisation of our everyday lives. This development also affects teaching and learning in higher education. This Refresh Teaching event aims to showcase practical solutions to the challenge of supporting students in their development as responsible members of tomorrow’s digital society. Presenters share approaches that add value to teaching and learning by consciously building on the distinct advantages that digital learning environments provide: independence of time and space, personalising learning experiences, and the possibility to generate data on learning.

Dr. Eduardo Pérez Torres from D-USYS shares plans for a course that focuses on preparing students for the complexities of their future professional contexts, most of which arise through increasing digitisation.

Dr. Alexander Caspar from D-MATH illustrates how the necessity for providing a learning opportunity that is independent of time and space resulted in the design of a digital learning environment which takes a highly personalized approach to introducing students to university-level mathematics.





Presentation E. Perez