Learning in teams

Date and time: June 28th, 12:15 – 13:15

Location: ETH Zentrum, HG E 41

Learning in teams. Students work and learn together in new ways

Functioning project work and teamwork are significant success factors in the professional and business world. Social forms of learning such as group work and team projects are therefore a good preparation for the transition from university studies to professional life. When students work in teams they acquire and develop skills which will benefit them throughout their careers.  These skills include reflection, communication, leadership and collaboration. require empathy and curiosity.

Social interaction also forces students to deal with people who have other points of view and exposes them to other ways of approaching the same topics. Reflecting on and justifying their own perspectives and thought processes helps them to consolidate new knowledge, skills and attitudes (such as curiosity and empathy) in an improved and more sustainable manner.

While in some disciplines working in teams has become a normal part of teaching and learning, for others this remains a new and untried option. At this Refresh Teaching event, teaching staff have the opportunity to hear from presenters with significant experience in this didactic method and can discuss their own questions and successes with one another.

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