Flipping large classes

Date and time: April 6th, 12:15 – 13:15

Location: ETH Zentrum, HG F33.1

Flipping large classes. Facilitating active learning in the classroom

Flipped classes reposition learning materials into digital media in order to create time and space for active learning in the classroom. A traditional lecture is organized so that groups of students receive information in the classroom but engage actively with the content later, usually on their own.  A flipped classroom, on the other hand, focuses on student engagement with content, with the instructor and with peers, to enhance student learning in the classroom.  There are a growing number of lecturers at ETH, who have successfully implemented the flipped approach in large classes. John Lygeros, professor at D-ITET and Credit Suisse award winner for Best Teaching, and Jeff Miller, senior associate director from the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, and lecturer in the Masters of Educational Technology at the University of British Columbia, will share their experiences facilitating flipped learning in large classes.


Recommended resources regarding flipped and active learning at ETH


  • Flipped Classroom Teaching Lab
  • didactica courses:
    • „Wirkungsvolle Nutzung von Videos für den Unterricht“
    • „Videos ohne grossen Aufwand selber erstellen und gezielt in der Lehre anwenden“
    • „Using Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) to gain insights into student learning”
    • „Flipped Classroom”, 15th and 22nd December, half a day each
      1. und 22. Dez. 2017 (je ein Halbtag)

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