Reflecting on emergency remote teaching – Part 1 (Online Event)

Date and time: June 10th 2020, 12:15 – 13:15

Location: Online Event

Reflecting on emergency remote teaching – what should remain and what should change for HS20 (Online event)

We cordially invite you to this virtual Refresh Teaching event. This will take place using Zoom, an online videoconferencing system (more information about Zoom below).

Zoom Meeting room:

COVID-19 was a hugely disruptive event. Lecturers and other teaching staff moved their teaching online with little time and few additional resources. This resulted in many creative Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) practices this past semester which may or may not remain as part of future teaching practice. Now that the semester is behind us, we have an opportunity to reflect on what worked and plan for the next semester.  

On June 10th, we have invited several teachers to reflect on what ERT strategies worked and why. Which strategies proved successful and where did teaching staff perhaps have to change course?

Join us for these important discussions that will help summarise an extraordinary semester.



Recording of the event

Chat protocoll:

From AG: Very interesting! If remote teaching would continue in the fall semester for most courses, I think we should consider options “beyond Zoom”. It would be great to share more experiences with alternative formats.

From Karin Brown : Great idea A! Thank you for that input. I will add that to the discussion for the next Refresh Teaching event.

From ET: I’m wondering if you have asked these questions about difficulties of group work before as well, i.e. is group work really more difficult online or is it always difficult for them?

From Christian Pohl : No, we did not ask the questions before. But we know from the first semester and from the learning journals that most of them know how collaborate in groups rather well.

From AG: Excellent points, Marco!

From AB: Cool observations, Marco! Superb.

From Karin Brown : For more information and ideas on building the human feeling:

From GS: Regarding if students could be encouraged to ask questions if it is anonymously. I used an anonymous classroom response system for four years and asked students to put their questions in the CRS. This was only used rarely for that.

From Karin Brown : Creating space for questions is important. Giving students time to formulate questions is too. (One idea is to ask them to discuss their questions with each other before they as the instructor.)

From AG: After observing a lack of active student participation in a master seminar, we repeatedly reminded students that the discourse among peers is an integral part of “doing science”. This probably works mostly for more experienced students.

From GS: old mac versions do not support that

From DS: Thank you, great session!

From FF: thank you