Online teaching from the perspective of student teaching assistants (Online event)

Date and time: April 22th 2020, 12:15 – 13:15

Location: Online Event

Online teaching from the perspective of student teaching assistants: Creating an interactive environment in exercise classes

We cordially invite you to this virtual Refresh Teaching event. This will take place using Zoom, an online videoconferencing system (more information about Zoom below).

Zoom Meeting room:

Student teaching assistants cover an important part of teaching at ETH by supporting students’ learning with their exercise classes. Therefore, they also found themselves facing a great challenge by having to adapt their exercise classes from one day to another to online teaching. This can be a particularly demanding task, as active learning is a central part of these teaching classes.


  • Felix Stöger (D-INFK)
  • Martina Niggli (D-PHYS)
  • Marco Ponts (D-CHAB)
  • Manuel Zeyen (D-PHYS)
  • Viviane Tinner (D-INFK)

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