Graded semester performances (Online event)

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Graded and ungraded semester performances: Didactically sound, online and offline alternatives to written examinations

The fourth exclusively virtual Refresh Teaching event on the topic “Graded semester performance: Didactically sound, online alternatives to written exams” will take place again using Zoom, an online video conferencing system (more information about Zoom below).

How does the emergency situation affect courses that have graded or ungraded semester performance assessments? These courses feature a rich diversity of performance assessments. Now, some examination-like assessments are no longer possible, while other types of performance assessments can inspire us to find new solutions.

In this Refresh Teaching Special, our presenters will first share their questions and challenges that emerged with the temporary change in the ETH assessment regulations that were communicated by the rector. Then, we will together discuss possible formats of graded semester performance assessments. If you are looking for a didactically sound and compliant solution for your semester performance assessment, or if you have developed a solution, this event is for you.



Transcript of the Q&A session

Recordings of the inputs will be published soon.