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Lilja 4-ever – Lukas Modysson (2002)

– Hi.

– Hi, come in.

– Shall we go?

– Sure, I just have to pack my things.

– What things?

– My things. I’m moving!

– Where?

– The States!

– What?! The States?

– It’s true! You know mom’s boyfriend? He lives in America. Mom’s moving there and I’m going with.

– What you gonna do there?

– I don’t know. We leave on Friday.

– You’re kidding!

– It’s true!

– It’s a dumb joke.

– It’s true. What am I gonna do here?

– I can’t believe you’re moving.

– Believe it, I’m going…



– How come you decided to go to America?

– Mom met her boyfriend through one of those dating agencies. He’s Russian, but he lives in America.

– It’s incredible! Shit… I’d also like to go away.

– You can visit me in America!


– What’s this about “America, America”? What’s she shouting about?

– She’s going there.

– You’re just lying. Really? Can’t I come with?

– No.

– Take me with you. I speak English. Hello, my name Is Volodya.

– Fool…

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