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Kanye West – New Slaves

Featuring: Frank Ocean Produced By: Ben Bronfman, Che Pope, Kanye West, Mike Dean, Noah Goldstein, Sham Joseph & Travis Scott

[Verse 1]

My momma was raised in the era when

Clean water was only served to the fairer skin

Doing clothes you would have thought I had help

But they wasn’t satisfied unless I picked the cotton myself

You see it’s broke nigga racism

That’s that “Don’t touch anything in the store”

And it’s rich nigga racism

That’s that “Come in, please buy more”

“What you want, a Bentley? Fur coat? A diamond chain?

All you blacks want all the same things”

Used to only be niggas, now everybody playing

Spending everything on Alexander Wang

New Slaves



You see there’s leaders and there’s followers

But I’d rather be a dick than a swallower


[Verse 2]

I throw these Maybach keys

I wear my heart on the sleeve

I know that we the new slaves

I see the blood on the leaves

I see the blood on the leaves

I see the blood on the leaves

I know that we the new slaves

I see the blood on the leaves

They throwin’ hate at me

Want me to stay at ease

Fuck you and your corporation

Y’all niggas can’t control me

I know that we the new slaves

I know that we the new slaves

I’m ’bout to wild the fuck out

I’m going Bobby Boucher

I know that pussy ain’t free

You niggas pussy, ain’t me

Y’all throwin’ contracts at me

You know that niggas can’t read

Throw ’em some Maybach keys

Fuck it, c’est la vie

I know that we the new slaves

Y’all niggas can’t fuck with me

Y’all niggas can’t fuck with Ye

Y’all niggas can’t fuck with Ye

I’ll move my family out the country

So you can’t see where I stay

So go and grab the reporters

So I can smash their recorders

See they’ll confuse us with some bullshit

Like the New World Order

Meanwhile the DEA

Teamed up with the CCA

They tryna lock niggas up

They tryna make new slaves

See that’s that privately owned prison

Get your piece today

They prolly all in the Hamptons

Bragging ’bout what they made

Fuck you and your Hampton house

I’ll fuck your Hampton spouse

Came on her Hampton blouse

And in her Hampton mouth

Y’all ’bout to turn shit up

I’m ’bout to tear shit down

I’m ’bout to air shit out

Now what the fuck they gon’ say now?


[Outro: Kanye West & Frank Ocean]

I won’t end this high, not this time again

So long, so long, so long, you cannot survive

And I’m not dying, and I can’t lose

I can’t lose, no, I can’t lose

Cause I can’t leave it to you

So let’s get too high, get too high again

(Too high again, too high)

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