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Superlative Conspiracy No. 7 – The Summer Issue!


One of the cornerstones for WeSC is punk mentality. Another one, is that it doesn’t matter where you’re from – country, religion, financial background, interest or other – we’re all alike and should be treated that way. Thirdly we strongly believe in good people doing great things together – and as num- ber four we could perhaps proclaim ourselves and the people with and around us to be intellectual slackers. The Superlative Conspiracy Magazine #7 – The Summer Issue – feels like it’s got all these elements and ways of thinking embedded and blended onto these following 128 pages. We highlight the things we like, are inspired by, ideas by our friends and WeActivists, tell you stories with and from people you might be familiar with or if not, should be. We live in a world and time where things happen at an extreme pace but where one of the most important things is to remain true to your ideas and values and do good things with that. That’ll take you wherever you want to go.

On the cover we feature our WeActivist Timbuktu – musician and amazing human being who not only has a career as one of Scandinavia’s most suc- cessful musicians throughout time, but who’s also strongly involved in charitable work, has built a music studio in Senegal and a whole lot more. We talk to The Prodigy and get insight into their work, life and also a hint of our upcoming collaboration with the group. We welcome legend Arto Saari to the WeActivist crew – not only because he’s one of the best skateboarders out there but also an incredible photographer and person! We sit down with Petter and discuss not compromising on his art and staying relevant. Janette Beckman takes us back to London and the punk scene in a sick story, Alessandro Simonetti has documented the Wu Tang Clan’s reunion concert in Rome, WeActivist Sarah Muerle skates an empty New York City during Hurricane Sandy, Vanessa Prager shows her incredible art, Steed Lord hops on trains to show you the Summer Collection – and Fredrik Etoall shot this issues cover with WeActivist Tmbuktu in LA!

We are happy with this issue – as it includes the people and ideas we are proud to stand for and represent. Happy Summer!

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