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chocolate, Mars bar

Advertising slogans



• “Maxis from Mars” – United Kingdom (1969) A number of white Austin Maxis were driven around the country with numbers on the doors and if the number inside your Mars wrapper matched the Maxi you would see driving around your area you won that very car.
• “Mars macht mobil bei Arbeit, Sport und Spiel” (Mars mobilises you at work, sports and play) – Germany (1980s and 1990s)
• “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play” – Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand
• “Out of this world!” – Australia, UK
• “MARS LEGEND” – Australia
• “Earth – what you’d eat if you lived on Mars” – New Zealand and Australia
• “Another way to make your day” – UK (2005)[14]
• “Feels good to be back! ” – Australia (2005)
• “An almond in every bite!” – US
• “Un Mars, et ça repart” (A Mars, and you’re off again) – France (late 1990s and renewed from 2006)
• “Mars, que du bonheur” (Mars, only happiness) – France
• “Mars, haal eruit wat erin zit!” (Mars, get out of it, what’s in it) – The Netherlands and Flanders, Belgium
• “Who knows? In 1,000 years we could all be sitting on Mars eating Earth bars.” – United Kingdom (A full page advertisement placed in the official Guide Book for the Millennium Dome in 2000)


• “Mars your day” – Australia
• “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play” – Australia
• “Recharge on Mars” – Canada
• “Mars, pleasure you can’t measure” – Europe
• “Un coup de barre? Mars et ça repart!” (Feeling beat? A Mars and you’re off again!) – France
• “Nimm Mars, gib Gas” (Take Mars, step on the gas) – Germany
• “Mars, momento di vero godimento” (Mars, a moment of pure enjoyment) – Italy
• “Mars, geeft je energie” (Gives you energy) – The Netherlands and Flanders, Belgium
• “Work-Rest-Play” – UK (later “Work-Rest-Play your part”)
• “Turn Up the Heat!” – (UK Promotional packs in 2010)

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