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Muskmelon, fruits


Sincerity is delivered by a seasonal gift

There is a custom in Japan to give gifts of fruit to people who are important to you.
Nihonbashi Sembikiya, a venerable fruit shop, selects and delivers the best fruits available to those you care about.


One famous offering of Sembikiya is muskmelon, which is said to be the king of fruits and to have a rich musk-like scent.
Sembikiya stores only offer muskmelons farmed in Shizuoka, which generally gets more sun than other areas in Japan and where the weather is warm.

In order to thoroughly manage the water in the fruit, each melon is suspended away from the ground and the air temperature is controlled year-round by heaters during the winter and air conditioners during the summer.

Please enjoy the “look of the spherical shape with the beautiful net” around it, which was created by a special “massage” called ball wiping individually performed on each melon, as well as the “scent of musk” and the “melting sweetness and rich taste” of our muskmelons.

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