© 2013 Miro Roman

car, Toyota Prius


The environment.
At last, it’s on everyone’s agenda.
Finally, all carmakers are doing their bit.
Everyone’s got a car that can help save the planet.
That can only be good.
All suggestions gratefully received.
But which one should we drive?
Who can we believe?
How about the most respected hybrid?
First created ten years ago
When the environment wasn’t quite so fashionable.
The one with almost a million enthusiastic owners.
That has already lowered emissions by a gazillion [unofficial figures]
Perhaps the most pioneering and talked about car on the road.
But actually thought of by Toyota, not as a solution, but as brilliant work in progress.
A car with a real emissions target of nought point nothing.
And then, still not happy, the crazy idea that one day it will even clean the air.
Rather than not pollute it.
When you’re trying to solve the world’s biggest problem, wouldn’t you biggest problem be to think that you’ve cracked it?
Toyota Prius. The planet’s favorite hybrid.
Hybrid synergy drive.

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