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Songs from the Second Floor – Roy Andersson (2000)



– Hi, Lennart, it’s Pelle.

– Hi, Pelle.




– This bloody cough!

– Terrible!

– It was good of you to come.

– Sorry, Lennart, didn’t catch that.

– It was good of you to come!

– Well sure, you asked me to, but I can wait outside.

– No, no, no. Stay here. I’m flying to Barcelona at three.

– Right then.

– You’re not pleased, so I hear.

– No, actually I’m not, Lennart. I think it’s a shame.

– This is no fun. We’ll soon be up to 700.

– Who said anything about fun?

– You know very well we have to make it to a thousand.

– You really mean that, Lennart?

– I do.




– Everything has its day, Pelle.

– Yes, but…

– The pyramids had their day.

– Of course they did.

– Steam engines had their day.

– Sorry… didn’t quite catch that.

– Steam engines had their day.

– That’s true.

– This is a new day and age, Pelle. You have to realize that.

– True enough, but still…

– If this keeps up we’ll have to shut down entirely.

– That would be a disaster for a lot of people.

– What’s that got to do with us?

– You have a point…

– We won’t be around then, Pelle.

– Sorry, Lennart, what do you mean?

– I mean, what’s the point of staying where there is only misery?

– No, there’s no point.

– When that day comes I’ll be long gone…and so should you!

– Beloved be the ones who sit down.

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