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Once Upon a Time in America – Sergio Leone (1984)

Noodles: Why’d you ask me to come here, Mr. Bailey?

Secretary Bailey: That invitation doesn’t mean a goddamn thing, and you know it. All that counts is what was in that suitcase: the money and the contract.

Noodles: It didn’t say who the contract was on, though.

Secretary Bailey: Haven’t you figured that out yet?

Noodles: You, Mr. Bailey? I haven’t had a gun in my hand for many, many years. My eyes aren’t too good, even with my glasses. My hands shake. And I wouldn’t want to miss, Mr Bailey.

Secretary Bailey: Cut the bullshit, Noodles, I’m already a dead man! At least give me the chance to settle the debt that I owe to you! I’ll never make it before the investigating committee…

[indicates the people at his party]

Secretary Bailey: They’re scared I’ll implicate the whole bunch of ’em, they gotta get rid of me. Today is as good a day as any. You do it, Noodles. You’re the only person I can accept it from. You see, I found out where you were. I brought you back here for this, to even the score between you and me.

[points to a side door]

Secretary Bailey: You can get out through there. It leads right down to the street. Nobody will see you.

Noodles: I don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t owe me a thing.

Secretary Bailey: Your eyes were too full of tears to see it wasn’t me burned up on that street. It was somebody else. You were too shocked to realize that the cops were in on it too. That was a Syndicate operation, Noodles.

Noodles: You’re crazy…

Secretary Bailey: You said that to me once before, a long time ago. But my mind was never as clear as it was at that moment. I took away your whole life from you. I’ve been living in your place. I took everything. I took your money, I took your girl. All I left for you was 35 years of grief over having killed me. Now why don’t you shoot?

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