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The Stanley Hotel Ghost Tour

Author: David



At 101 years old this year, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado has seen many guests in its time; celebrities, presidents, the well-to-do and the not so well off have entered through its doors over the last century. Most have left again… but not all.


A member of the historical hotels National Heritage list, the Stanley is also well known for being among the most actively haunted sites in the United States. Built in 1909 by F.O. Stanley for his wife Flora, the hotel is said to be haunted by the couple, by the man, Lord Dunraven, who owned the land before them, by past guests and by former employees. The isolation of the hotel amid the beautiful Colorado Rockies, and the old-world, “different” feel of the place was strong enough to inspire Stephen King when he stayed there the night before Halloween in 1974 with his wife. They were the only guests that night, and King spent many hours wandering the old corridors. The result of that night was a little novel called, The Shining.


We recently had the pleasure of attending a ghost hunt at the Stanley hosted by the TAPS crew who make the SyFy TV series, Ghost Hunters. It was great fun, and we did experience a few “odd” things. Many of the people who were there with us had more dramatic experiences.

The third day we were at the Stanley Hotel was a Sunday. We’d arrived Friday and just looked around and made friends. On Saturday we took the advice of the locals and met them at the annual Estes Park Beer-Fest. It’s not all about the ghost hunting, y’know (truth is, the ghost hunting is just the excuse… a sort of courtesy detail).


On Sunday several of our other friends who we met on the Queen Mary were due to join us, so I went down and arranged for tickets for everyone to go on the hotel’s Ghost Tour.


The hotel does BIG business on the ghost tour they run, as well as a weekly Ghost Hunt they run in the evenings on weekends. This is our tour group and you can see there were a lot of people. Our group was actually pretty small compared to some, and there were probably another seven tours running at exactly the same time as ours. I couldn’t tell for sure, but the entire time we were there I was tripping over multiple tours going up the main staircase or hanging outside room 217 as we are here.


After we stopped here to talk about the hauntings in room 217 where Stephen King was inspired to write The Shining, we went upstairs to the fourth floor. And that’s where something… happened.


My name is Dave and I live in Canada’s national capital of Ottawa, Ontario. I’ve been into photography since I was in my teens, and purchase an SLR back out of university. I used that camera for over 10 years before time finally wore it out (still have it, but it needs cleaning and repair). Almost 2 years ago I was offered the opportunity to do some travel with work, so I decided to replace my old SLR with a new DSLR and purchased a Nikon D40x. It was a welcome return to the world of photography, and I could do so much more with the D40x than ever I had with my old Yashica! Easily within the first year I shot 30,000 captures! Then just over a year ago I discovered Flickr. Through it I’ve seen fantastic shots, and learned so much about photography. More than that, I’ve met a lot of people and made great friends here. Primarily, now, I’m moving forward on doing digital artwork and working with models. I still do photography, though. My photography tends to be of landscapes, sunsets, marcos and architectural studies. A lot of my work is in HDR.

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