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on work – Amazing News!


I have been applying for grants for years for a number of different projects. There are many wonderful organizations out there willing to fund arts projects but many, many more artists applying for those grants. I’m always disappointed when I don’t get funded, but even more amazed at all the quality artists out there who do get the grants.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that when you receive a letter-sized envelope from a grantor, it usually means there is a rejection letter inside. Most often if you are awarded a grant the letter comes with a packet including your contract, tax info, etc.

So today when I saw one small envelope from 4Culture in my mailbox, I said to my fiance, “Looks like I didn’t get the grant.” Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope and the first words I saw were “It is our great pleasure to inform you that your 2009 Individual Artist Project to 4Culture has been recommended for an award”! Out of a record 391 applications, mine was one of 94 that was accepted. The letter went on to say:

The peer panel felt that each of the selected applicants demonstrated artistic merit, excellence or innovative quality of project; artistic excellence demonstrated in the work samples provided; feasibility and demonstrated ability to accomplish the project; and a plan to provide access and public benefit for King County residents.

What an honor to be included in this group! I feel humbled and proud to see my work being appreciated and valued, especially as a public benefit. It gives me great faith to see artists recognized in this fashion.

What this means is that between this grant money and the money I have been able to raise through my micropatronage program, I will be able to finish the new Jason Parker Quartet CD with no further money out of my own pocket. I can’t tell you what a relief this is, as I still have to finish the mixing and mastering, find someone to design the artwork, pay royalty fees and get the discs printed and replicated. I was prepared to find a way to do it myself, but this certainly takes the edge off.

Please check out the good folks at 4Culture, who’s mission is to “advance community through arts heritage preservation and public art.” And look for the release of the new JPQ CD sometime this summer!

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